Exposure and need to meet the international standards of service and delivery have changed the way organizations function.

Training has emerged as an important aspect to transcend the traditional organization and manager with better thought process and managerial ability.

The training modules that we design are a combination of the best of thinking theories and practice with a guide to practical applicability. The content and delivery style are targeted to improve behavior and performance.

The design of Training Plan is explained in five different phases viz,

  • Analyse
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

In skill development training, the curriculum of the courses should be built around the participant’s needs and interests. This is the reason why, although we can deliver our courses fully in their existing format, we make an effort to customize the workshop exercises and examples to illustrate situations specific to their environment.

We encourage our instructors to play a facilitator role in the more advanced levels with their primary role being to guide and assist adult learners in achieving their own individual learning objectives. We believe that a successful training program must combine traditional teaching with facilitating elements.

In AXIOM Learning Solutions we base our training on the proven method of Blended Learning.  The learning method which combines face-to-face education and simulated work place learning.

We carry out praxis oriented and interactive courses designed to stimulate the analytical and strategic thinking of the participants.

To obtain the ultimate learning result we use a variety of techniques to involve the participants in the learning process, such as practical exercises and group work. Our main learning object will always be to provide our participants with tools to apply the learned concepts and principles to real business environments.


  • Potential assessment through psychometric tests
  • Complete grooming through mentoring and counseling
  • Professional, social and personal etiquettes
  • Effective communication
  • Resume building
  • Participating in group discussion
  • Facing interviews
  • Managing impressions of the recruiters
  • Full dress rehearsal for placement

 The Delivery Cycle:

  • Pre evaluation
  • Design-Delivery
  • Post evaluation
  • Boosters (If required)


  • Experts.
  • Evaluated and reviewed
  • Highly valued Trainers