The training methods to be used should be appropriate to the development of competencies. The focus of the programme is on “performing” and not on “Knowing”. Lecturing will be restricted to the minimum necessary and emphasis to be given for ‘hands on training’. The training methods will be individual centered to make each person a competent one. Opportunities for individual work will be provided. The learning process will be continuously monitored and feedback will be provided on individual basis. Demonstrations using different models, audio visual aids and equipment will be used intensively.

 The teaching methods in this training include lectures, projects, role plays, quizzes, and various other participatory sessions. The emphasis will be on learning by doing.

 Since the method of training is experiential and highly interactive, the students imbibe the skills and attributes in a gradual and subtle way over the duration of the program. The students will not only learn the skills and attributes but also internalize them over a period of time.

 Internalization ensures that the skills and attributes become part of the students’ nature. Subtle changes are bound to occur in their behavior and outlook, and these will make them more self-assured and confident. Moreover, the behavior changes will be gradual and natural and will not appear artificial or put on. Thus, the changes in them will be genuine and positive.

Inputs According to Training Need Analysis

The analysis of responses of the students to various psychometric instruments, and extensive interaction between the students, counselors and the faculty members enable the identification of specific training needs of individual students.

AXIOM Learning Solutions addresses these training requirements, through specifically designed training modules.