AXIOM LEARNING SOLUTIONS has a special arrangement with one of the fastest growing HR company, TALENT HAT CONSULTING, HYDERABAD to place the students who have undergone the SKILEXCEL training.  There is agreement signed between the AXIOM & TALENT HAT for purpose of placements. We have successfully placed many students with this kind of arrangement. 
The following are some of the highlights / terms of the placement program:
  1. Every student is provided with atleast 3 opportunities during his 3rd year of study.
  2. Placement will be provided to only those students who are willing to take it.
  3. The student has to pay 75% of his one month salary (CTC)towards placement fee as soon as he/she gets the offer letter.
  4. It is the responsibility of AXIOM & TALENT HAT to see that the student is joined the organization and gets his first month salary.
  5. As soon as the student gets his first month salary, the responsibility of AXIOM & TALENT HAT will be void.
  6. We are not responsible for any student who doesn’t join the company on the said date for any reason.  The student has to personally handle the situation on his own.