List of Documents required to apply to US Universities

  1. DD/Bank check for Application fee (If you have not paid the application fee online)
  2. Recommendation letters (from 3 lectures) – one letter from each lecturer. 
  3. GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS Score Xerox. (Also you have to report the test scores directly to the university)
  4. Transcripts (Bachelors Degree) In original of your University (can be obtained from University)
  5. Bachelors Degree certificate (If available)
  6. SSC/10th or Equivalent Certificate
  7. 12th/ intermediate or Equivalent certificates (attested by gazetted officer) 
  8. SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  9. Bank statement / Letter from Bank Manager (original) showing the financial support in US Dollars.
  10. Affidavit of support (on Rs. 20/- stamp paper with Notary) for each University
  11. Study certificate or Job experience certificate (if applicable)
  12. Photo Copies of first and last pages of your passport
  13. Copies and proofs of all your other activities (Ex. Paper presentations, Your organizing skills in your symposiums etc.)
  14. Other documents you have.
  15. WES Evaluation (If the university requires)

Application Deadlines for US Universities

Check for University application deadlines and strictly follow them.

In the US, most of the colleges / universities follow either semester or quarter system. The application deadlines are different for each college / university and are different for each system. Not all universities have same deadline. Top Universities will have deadlines by 8-12 months before the starting date of the classes. Average universities will end admissions by 6-10 months before.

There are two major education systems in USA. 1) Semester System 2) Quarter System. Each university follows one of these systems.

Semester system and Universities deadlines
Semester System will have three semesters every year.
• Spring (Jan)
• Summer (May)
• Fall (August)


  • If you want to apply to top universities(A, A+) apply by Nov/Dec of the previous year.
  • A-, B, B+ or C+ Grade Universities deadlines will be around in Feb/March of the same year.
  • Some C & D Grade universities will have deadlines of june / july for Fall admissions.


  • If you want to apply to top universities (A, A+) apply by March/April of the Same year.
  • A-, B, B+ or C+ Grade Universities deadlines will be around in july/August of the same year.
  • Some C- , D Grade universities will have deadlines of Oct / Nov for Spring admissions.


Usually deadlines end by March of the year.